…but don’t worry. All of the Vault content is going into the basement of Glazier Drive.



“Glazier Drive is 100 times better than the Vault… It’s not even close.”

– Nick Johnson, HC, Eagan HS, MN

(no credit card required)

(no credit card required)


1. Glazier Vault was included with my 2020 season pass. Is Drive now included in my 2020 season pass?

    • All 2020 passes expire on 12/31/2020. Start your free trial of Glazier Drive to receive access to everything Glazier Drive offers along with all of the Vault content.


2. I pay monthly for Glazier Vault, will that automatically be canceled?

    • Yes


3. Will the content from the Vault be in Glazier Drive?

    • Yes. All of the Vault content will be in the basement of Glazier Drive. Glazier Drive’s video library is carefully curated to our best thousand or so videos.


4. Will there be clinics in 2021?

    • No, at least not in the winter of 2021.


5. What’s the difference between Glazier Drive and the Vault?

    • Glazier Drive rivals the clinic experience by bringing the content together with the social atmosphere of a clinic. Glazier Drive includes 22 complete systems, weekly live Q&A with the system creators, hundreds of live events, 900+ curated videos, and a complete social platform with forums, networking, and messaging.

(no credit card required)